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"Charging Grand Canyon", AZ, USA

"Charging Grand Canyon", AZ, USA

"Charging Grand Canyon", AZ, USA
Charging helicopter to the next flight in Grand Canyon.
Year 2015

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Why matter: 
We travel. We make a footprint on planet. We take our cameras. We shot... And we leave. 
We get our portion of praise from ourselves and our friends. Yet the place we left get nothing. 
I'm starting the movement #pichange when people who love photography can return back some help to places with people who like photographer's photo. 

World is inter-dependent. Life is fab.
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  • About this charity

    Grand Canyon Trust

    A Brief History of the Grand Canyon Trust

    The Trust was established in 1985 by Arizona Governor Bruce Babbitt and other leading conservationists to work on natural resource issues affecting the Grand Canyon. Soon after, Executive Director Ed Norton and Trustee Stewart Udall made an impassioned plea that issues do not stop at the boundaries of the Park, and that the Trust should be an advocate for both the Grand Canyon and the surrounding Colorado Plateau. The suggestion was adopted and Grand Canyon Trust emerged as a leading regional conservation organization, with offices across the Plateau and extensive connections among policymakers, land managers, scientists, and community leaders.

    Today, we employ a professional staff of 27, encompassing a wide range of skills from biology and forestry to economics and law. We have 25 committed Trustees, a national membership of more than 4,000, and an active seasonal volunteer workforce of more than 450 people who assist with conservation projects.


    The mission of the Grand Canyon Trust is to protect and restore the Colorado Plateau — its spectacular landscapes, flowing rivers, clean air, diversity of plants and animals, and areas of beauty and solitude.


    We work toward creating a region where generations of people and all of nature can thrive in harmony. Our vision for the Colorado Plateau 100 years from now has three key facets:

    • The region is still characterized by vast open spaces with restored, healthy natural areas and habitat for all native plants and animals.
    • Human communities enjoy a sustaining relationship with the natural environment.
    • People who live and visit here are willing, enthusiastic stewards of the region’s natural resources and beauty.


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