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50% of your purchase will be transfered to respective fund to support Earth or Community that granted this shot.

"Who is the host", Sydney, Australia

"Who is the host", Sydney, Australia

"Who is the host", Australia
A seagull at the cafe tent, Sydney, Australia
December, 2011

The cost of the print split: 

For prints (I recommend this option):
50%: I will send to Australian non-profit charity org Vets Beyond Borders
25%: for print and delivery
25%: for site, taxes, travel

For digital copy: 
70%: I will send to Australian non-profit charity org Vets Beyond Borders
30%: for site, taxes, travel

All prints will have photographer signature, serial number and good wishes.
You can choose print size or order digital copy. 

Why matter: 
We travel. We make a footprint on planet. We take our cameras. We shot... And we leave. 
We get our portion of praise from ourselves and our friends. Yet the place we left get nothing. 
I'm starting the movement #pichange when people who love photography can return back some help to places with people who like photographer's photo. 

World is inter-dependent. Life is fab.
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    If you are ordering the Print - this photo will be printet on matt paper, with added sticker on the back for name, number and photographer's signature. 

  • Delivery

    Depending on your location, delivery may take some time. Delivery is included into price and to make sure Charity will get the share of your purchase, delivery will be executed with reliable, yet economy variant.

    If you'd like your print is delivered earlier - you can additionally write us about that.

    Alternatively digital copy will arrive to you almost immediatly after purchase. 

  • About this charity


    Vets Beyond Borders is an Australian-based charity established by veterinary volunteers in 2003. It recruits volunteers and provides expertise for veterinary-based animal and public health projects in communities needing such assistance across the world. 

    What we do

    • Recruit volunteer veterinarians and veterinary nurses plus other appropriately quailified volunteers to work on animal welfare projects thorugh the VetMatch program 
    • Provide expertise to under-resourced organisations to help them establish and run effective veterinary-based intervention projects
    • Provide a Community Education Program for local organisations and volunteers to run in their locations.
    • Undertake the clinical training of local veterinary personnel to build their skills and create sustainability in animal welfare via the VetTrain program
    • Where possible supply resources such as medications and surgical equipment.

    VBB achievements

    Based on annual project audit reports, since 2003, we have

    • Surgically sterilised over 30,000 street dogs preventing the birth of thousands more street dogs each year
    • Vaccinated over 65,000 dogs and cats against rabies
    • Trained over 320 local veterinary staff to increase their surgical skills and animal welfare knowledge
    • Provided care for thousands of animals whom have never seen a vet before and performed pain relieving and life saving procedures including fracture repair and cancer treatment
    • Contributed to developing kennels and infrastructure to hospitalise injured animals
    • Worked with governments in developing countries to implement humane alternatives to euthanasing or impounding stray dogs.

    Where we work

    Currently VBB's focus is on establishing the VetMatch program but continues to work in Sikkim. VetTrain is also being prepared for a relaunch in centres where animal birth control and public health programs are operating..


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